Bio-H2-Plus is a new developped technology from Switzerland that produces H2-injection gas with the help of electrolysis. Demineralised water with a special activator is split into hydrogen and oxygen.

The H2 and O2 molecules pass through a special device to produce a H2-O2 gas mixture.


This H2- injection gas is injected directly into the digester. It will help to open up the cell walls of the organic material and activate and increase  the anaerobic bacteria population to produce more and better biogas. 


The methane content increases with a few percent, the total quantity of biogas increases ( up to 20%), and in the biogas the amount of H2S and CO2 goes down.


Another advantage is that the Bio-H2-Plus is better for the engine. Combustion inside the cilinders is better, it runs smoother and  prolongs the service intervalls of the sparkplugs. The emissions of the engine are lower, compared to non-treated biogas.


The technology has been thoroughly tested at biogas plants in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.




All the  advantages of the Bio-H2-Plus technology listed:

More volume biogas or less substrates needed.

more energy in the biogas due to increased methane content.

Better for the environment; lower emissions.

Better for the CHP unit

makes biogas more competitive, hence more money

The investment in a Bio-H2-Plus system is normally paid back into 2 - 3 years.

More Biogas, UP to 20% !


The H2 - Injection gas is produced in a small apparatus, normally placed in a sea container next to the digester tank. Inside you will find the electrolysis unit where the activated demineralised water is split into H2 and O2.


There are different sizes depending on the size of the digester.


The H2- injection gas is put straight into the digester.


All you need is deminerelised activated water and electricity.


Example Profitability Calculation 500 kW Biogas plant.


Investment costs


Bio-H2-Plus BGI 4000.                      99.000,00 €

Container                                           10.000,00 €

Installation costs                                10.000,00 €


Operational Cost


Energy cost                                           1.450,00 €

 at 6 ct/kWh


Maintenance cost                                 3.500,00 €


Procesactivator                                    1.274,00 €

usage approx.  25 Liter/Week


Labour client                                            650,00 €                                        Assumptions:

30 Minuten per week at 25€ /hour

                                                                                                                           Electricity sale: 18,0 ct/kWh

Depreciation                                       10.400,00 €     

over period of  10 years                                                                                 Increase efficiency biogas production/kg Organic mater:   8 %


Interest                                                  3.640,00 €                                         Installed capacity:  500 kW

100% bank loan, Interest 3,5%, 5 years

                                                                                                                           Running hours/year:  8497 hrs/y

Inflation not taken into account                                                                                                 





Year.                  Income.                Cost.                  Financing cost.         Fnancial returns.            Cumulative return.


1. year                61.000,00 €.       18.774,00 €.       4.165,00 €                     38.061,00 €

2. year                61.000,00 €.       18.774,00 €        4.165,00 €                     38.061,00 €.                    76.122 €.

3. year                61.000,00 €.       18.774,00 €        4.165,00 €                     38.061,00 €.                  114.183 €.

4. year                61.000,00 €.       18.774,00 €        4.165,00 €                     38.061,00 €.                  152.244 €.

5. year                61.000,00 €.       18.774,00 €        4.165,00 €                     38.061,00 €                   190.305 €.



Return on Investment:  3.1 years.





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